2015 Honda Pilot Walk-around with Review

Car rewiev2015 Honda Pilot Walk-around with Review
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  • 2015 Honda Pilot Walk-around with Review

    Hi I’m Honda pro Jason and this is a 2015 Honda Pilot, today I’m gonna be what you guys there’s some of my favorite features I am my Honda socks on so let’s go have some fun. So many things, I love about your 15. Pilot starting with his bold and aggressive front, and I mean just look at this thing all this clone and issued by the age. Coming around to the side how to put these massive 18 inch wheels and tires on the car I mean you’re looking at an SUV really going through some snow and some odd units big tires. These mirrors are folding forward and backward suggested gives you a little too close to the garage door you’re the worry about doing any damage. Let me show you a little trickier. If you take the remote and pressed the unlock button twice. All your windows open up and her son a full time job those hot summer days ago is really are off the car. Follow me to the back of some really cool things to show you with a built in kitchen all you have to do is remove this color and you’re ready to tell. As far as opening up his rear hatch pretty cool stuff there’s one hidden button here depressed that Elise is just the glass. Makes it easier to lower unload grocery bags. If you need more room you simply close the glass and you can open up the whole match.

    2015 Honda PilotBeginners rule is inside here and sitting for 5 but wait. A policy of 8 people no problem you simply lift up the students. And lift up the suits and now you have sitting for 8 Closing is very simple you can that crosses party here or press the button on the remote as you walk away. Jump in the 2015 Honda Pilot with me and let me show you some of my favorite interior features. Starting with his beautiful 8 inch Honda’s I made display this initial your audio display your trip computer and you can also do special wallpaper and 2006 Honda Pilot headlight diagram. Coming now you have all your radio functionality including CD player your tri zone climate control driver passenger and rear seats. And all around the bottom get heated seats.

    But why rich form when almost everything is located right here in your steering wheel so much role inside the Honda pilot there’s room for it 12345678 people looking for a place to put your stuff check out what the Honda pilot offered storage inside the center area with English be an auxiliary this area opened up 3 different ways for a couple of those and more storage. Storage in the center console. A sunglass holder accused to a bar and even more storage inside the door panels. Are you guys serious and tragic enough here. Under the hood of the Honda pilot is hot is 3.5 liter, ivy tech engine with these yeah variable cylinder management Sodexho shuts down so owners if you don’t you don’t. Power to wondering 50 horsepower torque 252 may seem like a lot if you get stuck in the mud deathly getting. And those are just a few of my favorite pictures for the 2015 Honda pilot. As always I’m the Honda broke and not guys seriously I’m. Working here. I tagline my you know in the no thing our. And now you’re in the know. 3000 tripping Honda pilot ever to win win for stopping your local Honda dealership and check it out.

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