Bosch makes the car a personal assistant.

ArticlesBosch makes the car a personal assistant.
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  • Bosch makes the car a personal assistant.

    car a personal assistantBosch has introduced a concept car in one of the most influential events in the field of digital technology, the conference: republic 2016.

    Concept demonstrated design and the possibilities of future vehicles, how it will interact with the driver, and what opportunity will be present to the driver.

    Standalone mode of driving on motorways will significantly increase the safety of headlights for nissan maxima and fuel efficiency. The car of the future will provide an opportunity to stay connected (including video) with friends, family or co-workers.

    The basis of the demonstration of communication with the driver of the car was the integrated approach. The driver is provided with information through a single interface in an interactive form, which was developed separately for each specific situation. In practice, this is implemented as follows: front and center console Bosch has replaced on the large monitors that flexibly serves the information, depending on the situation.


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