How to time injection pump 188

Spare partsHow to time injection pump 188
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    Alright the Time Warner is 188 so thought I’d show you this apologized is gonna be shaky Thelma found but you crank it over. And to the Syrian say go down. And then what I do. Once you’re in takes down. You could actually wait so comes up will be because it takes awhile. Do this you got up. Get a screwdriver. Get down in here and discuss.

    fuel pumpKeep on crank in that flow will over. You can see these get loose that that means you’re on the compression stroke. There’s little point are in there you can’t see it. We actually paint the pointer if you take a flashlight well actually I go for. Yeah you can kinda see I painted it white. So it’s visible because it’s really hard to see in there. And. Here’s a clear fly will account for. Hope you guys understand. Fury building one of those you need really need to pay these marks. When. Kid. You see that the top mark is dead center.

    This mark below that. 4 degrees and then the bottom though mark right there is 8 degrees. And all these 180 ace and I don’t know about 2 OO 7 they go 8 degrees that’s what the time the injection pump but. When I actually do is a site I paint that white to. So I could see it really easily. Who and then once you get that all down. You take your time window off your injection Fuel pump. Have mount loose. In honor of. Yeah you can kinda see.

    But that mark on the left is a little bit offices injection pump is a teeny bit off. That mark on the left to is extremely difficult to see. This because of the light in this camera I think it’s actually picking up pretty well but. You can overlook it really easy. And if you are awful bit. He’s injection Fuel pumps are slotted see this. Turn them to line up on this end. So if you’re awful little bit. Do something.

    It is turning. And then you tighten it down and make sure when you put these pumps on. You really get that ejection Fuel pumps you you can’t force that that’s why I’m pulling this off today. If someone else did it. And they really gotta go easy he got a tire throttle back to put these Fuel pumps on and take them off. Yeah well let’s all do it.


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