Original or unoriginal spare parts – what to choose?

Spare partsOriginal or unoriginal spare parts – what to choose?
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  • Original or unoriginal spare parts – what to choose?

    Sooner or later, every car lover has to make a difficult choice- which spare parts (original or unoriginal) –should he/she use during the maintenance or repair of his/her “iron friend”.

    Original or unoriginal spare parts

    Navigating on Internet, you can find millions of indisputable arguments (both for and against the original). The fans of original are convinced that it is possible to reach the characteristics, originally set by the car manufacturer (including safety, durability and functionality) only if you replace the old or broken part with the same, “original” one. And it is difficult to argue with that. However, the opponents of using only the original parts also has a number of arguments, the main of which is the high price, which is mainly caused by the affiliation to the car brand. And many people can’t afford to pay such a high price, especially as the modern market of car parts offer the wide range in the form of analogs.

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