Why is timely replacement of filters important?

Replacement ConsumablesWhy is timely replacement of filters important?
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  • Why is timely replacement of filters important?

    Auto filter is a device for cleaning of various kinds of oil, fuel and air masses, which are used in the machine. Modern cars equipped with 5 kinds of filters: oil, air, fuel, and diesel particulate salon. All of them, except the last one, have their operational period, after which they should be changed.


    The oil filter is attached to the replacement at the time of oil replacement. As a rule, it is 10-12 thousand km mileage, it all depends on the brand and manufacturer of cars.

    The fuel filter must be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which is approximately every 20 000 km. If this is not done, then the motor will run roughly, and as a result the car will stop to start.
    In large cities, the cabin filter is clogged faster than the operation of transport to cleaner areas. Therefore, you should periodically assess the state of the filter for the timely replacement.

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